Return & Refund Policy

At CrossdresserHouse, your satisfaction is our utmost priority.
To ensure your peace of mind, our quality inspectors meticulously inspect each product before shipment, verifying that it is in good condition. 
Upon receiving your parcel, we recommend immediately checking its contents to confirm that the product has arrived intact and undamaged during transit.
Return Policy
We are committed to addressing any issues that may arise with your order.
If your parcel meets our return conditions, you may initiate a return or exchange within 7 days of receiving your package. 
To initiate a return, kindly contact our customer service team via email within this 7-day period, and they will assist you in the process.
Please note that our products are not ready-to-wear or stock items.  As such, we cannot guarantee that the product will be 100% identical to the image provided.
Variations in size or color may occur between different product batches, and these variations do not qualify as reasons for return. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.
Conditions of Return
We accept returns in the following situations:
* Defective, damaged, or non-conforming items.
* Size problem (if we've sent you the wrong size).
* Color problem (if we've sent you the wrong color).
We do not accept returns in the following situations:
* Items that have been used.
* Items that have been washed.
* Items that have been destroyed or damaged by the customer.
* When the customer has chosen the wrong product, size, or color.
* If the customer fails to contact us via email within 7 days of receiving the package.
Conditions of Refund
We facilitate refunds in the following situations:
1. Order Cancellation: 
You can cancel your order within 24 hours of payment confirmation and receive a full refund (PayPal charges a formality fee, around 5%.), or a half refund after 24 hours. 
(Please note that once the order is shipped, it cannot be canceled.)  If you have used a coupon, the equivalent coupon amount will be deducted from the refund.
2. Parcel Loss: 
In the event that we lose your parcel during delivery, we will provide a full refund. If there is sufficient time, we will also remake your order.
3. Unfinished Order: 
If your order remains incomplete due to a lack of response on your part (e.g., we contacted you by email to confirm order details but did not receive a response), we will cancel your order.
4. Return Receipt: 
We process refunds once we have received the return package, with the consent of our customer service.
We do not offer refunds in the following situations:
* If the customer returns the product privately without prior consent from our customer service.
* If the package is returned or destroyed due to customer reasons (e.g., the customer refuses to sign for the package, the courier cannot contact the customer for delivery, repeated attempts to contact the customer for package pickup go unanswered).
Customs Duties
If your package incurs customs duties, the buyer is responsible for settling the duty charges. 
We offer the option of Tariff Insurance, where you can pay 15% of the item's price, and in return, we will refund you the Customs Duty if your package is subjected to customs fees.