Maintenance methods of silicone products

1. Before wearing the silicone product

Please wash the product in water with shower gel before wearing it (hand wash), and then air dry or blot it with the towel, you can also use the hairdryer, but the high temperature prohibited.
Don't hang it!
Don't roast it in the sun!
Don't machine wash!
Don't wash it with other objects!
Don't brush it by the hard brush!

2. When wearing the silicone product

Please do not stretch the silicone product too strongly.
Please keep away from sharp objects and pay attention to your fingernails to not scratch the product.
Please make sure that your clothes do not fade to prevent staining of silicone product.

3. After wearing the silicone product

We advise you to apply some baby powder evenly on the inside and outside of the product, and then store it in the place without sun. Do not compress it and fold it!


1. We advise you to wear a light bra without underwire so as not to squeeze the breasts too hard.

Please choose the size of your underwear according to your bust after wearing the fake breast.

2. If there is silicone smell, it is normal, we use medical silicone, its odor is harmless to health.

3. For the product with neck, arms or legs, you could cut the length according to your own situation.

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