G cup Crossdresser bodysuit in silicone with catheter and fake boobs Cross-dressing Crossdresser

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l  Material: silicone (You can choose the chest filled with cotton or silicone)
l  Elasticity index: good flexibility
l  Uses: personal use, cosplay, accessories for transvestites and for actors
l  Weight of this product filled by stretch cotton: about 8kg
l  Weight of this product filled by silicone: about 10kg

Cup size : G cup

This bodysuit is suitable for people weighing 75-100kg.

There is a catheter on this product.

Underwear and model clothing are not included.

This product is free size, if you have any questions, please contact us ([email protected]).

Please refer to the measurement below:


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5 stars 5 stars       Date: 07/12/2020      By *** ***

I just received my BODYSUIT this afternoon, I thank all the people who made it for me, thank you.

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 30/11/2020      By *** ***

The best shopping exprience I ever have. I don’t want to leave it anymore after be inside! I suggest that you don't wear it for strenuous exercise, because it will be uncomfortable if you sweat.

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 28/09/2020      By *** ***

I bought two silicone bodysuits from two websites last month.The quality of your product is better than that ordered from another online site, I will always order from you in the future.

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 25/09/2020      By *** ***

I can't find such a professional site anywhere! Thank you for producing these products for people like us. I will come back next month to order a mask.

Recent reviews:

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 06/09/2020      By *** ***

I was very nervous while waiting for my order. This is my first time ordering a crossdresser bodysuit! But I was pleasantly surprised after trying it on! Sexy boobs and waist that adapts to my body. I'm satisfied!!!

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 15/08/2020      By *** ***


5 stars 5 stars       Date: 09/07/2020      By *** ***

I received my package this morning. And the silicone bodysuit is perfect, it's very flexible. Thank you.

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 11/06/2020      By *** ***

Fast delivery on time I highly recommend this site I will be a loyal customer.

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 28/05/2020      By *** ***

You are great !!! I am very satisfied with your product ! A big kiss to you!

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 31/01/2020      By *** ***

This bodysuiit was perfect, I just need to trim the length at the neck (because the length at the neck is a little too long for me ). Honestly, the chest is sexier than the photo. The quality material was very impressive and comfortable. She made my life special. I'm going to buy all of my accessories to transvestise from here now.

5 stars 5 stars       Date: 15/10/2019      By *** ***

this bodysuit is too heavy for my first experience, but it's very pretty for me. I put it on with the methods that customer service told me.