The major obstacle during crossdressing

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Well, since I started at 8 years old, I found it so normal to be in women's clothes. As I got older and improved my appearance, I always strived to be passable. The major obstacle was breasts, the element that defines a woman more than anything else. Growing up I used panties, balloons, fruit, just about anything with a suitable shape. Once the internet came along and I could buy breasts, I started with a foam B cup. Today I am wearing F cup silicone fake boobs which are very expensive. I had a lady who has a true F cup and she told me these are like mine in size and weight. Because of my proportions, they fit me perfectly. But I'll let you decide what I look like.

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When I started cross-dressing it was exciting and it became exciting and I didn't try to pass. But the more I dressed, the more feminine I tried to be. At 6'1" without my heels, my height alone would be a gift, but that doesn't stop me from expressing my feminine side to the best of my abilities. And while dressing up is still a trick all these years later , it's also fun and enjoyable to transform myself from my everyday ordinary self with the crossdresser bodysuit.


I'm a man and I have very masculine features, but I love wearing feminine clothes and the crossdresser hips. I know I can never look like a woman, and that's not my intention when I dress. I really like the feel of the clothes, but I also like the way they make me feel feminine too. I'm also aware that I must look absolutely absurd when I'm dressed, but that doesn't bother me. I only do it in private or under my male clothes.


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