Disguise myself as a woman with nylon panties

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In my late teens and 20s, once I found a job and a car, I started buying my own fake boobs and other women's clothing. I had a suitcase that I would store my crossdresser stuff in, and I also had a small box that I kept in the trunk of my car. Again, there were times when I didn't do anything at all, but those times weren't as long as they were when I was a teenager. I remember the first crossdressing item I bought was a bra. I even got myself some nylon panties, a pair of tights, a handbag, and eventually a few tops, a skirt and a dress.


I also started buying and using some makeup from an online crossdresser shop. Getting to the age where most young adults have left the nest for some reason I never did. Part of the reason is some health issues from both my parents. I convinced myself that I needed to be home with them to help them with tasks that were too difficult for them. The other part is that I was too cheap to spend money to live in an apartment and enjoy a nice thing.


I then bought a bed with two sets of drawers underneath. I now had a nice hiding place behind the drawers under my bed. During these years, I started wearing the fake silicone breasts very often. I also liked to wear a dress and ruffled blouses every now and then. At that point I increased my outerwear a bit to 3-4 tops, a few skirts, and a few different dresses. I would like to place an order for the crossdresser bodysuit to create the more feminine silhouette. During my teenage years, there were many times when I did absolutely no cross-dressing. This is normal for all transvestites. Then there were times when I wore a bra several times a week for my evening activities. I still like to cross-dress.


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