Crossdressing is an adrenaline rush for me

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Staying home to crossdress is a big break for me, but I've done it many times to just take pictures of myself in new clothes or ask out my special friend.

Going out dressed as a woman is always an adrenaline rush for me because you never know what's going to happen. What usually happens is I go to a bar or casino and I'm treated with more respect than if I were dressed as a man with crossdresser hips. Of course, people are afraid of making some kind of mistake and are very careful with you. However, some people appreciate diversity, and why not.

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A few years ago, I remember people making fun of me. I must have gotten better because I don't seem to have as much anymore. How often do I go out with silicone fake boobs ? There were times when I went out every night. About half the week now. The only problem is how much I should shave. You can't trip, it will stand out in makeup. When I'm all dressed up as a woman and looking sexy, I don't want it to stop. I don't want to come home and take off these beautiful clothes and jewelry. So I literally stayed out all night, like I did last night.


Like that woman I hung out with last night, these friendships with women are cool and fun. I think women have always wanted male friends without sexual pressure and now that I'm living I love it. These friendships are nothing like what guys have experienced with friends. It's like day and night. I'm starting to like some women and hate others and it has nothing to do with looks or gender. Oh and the compliments you get from them are genuine. They say things like you have a good body with the help of crossdresser bodysuit. You know how huge a compliment like that is.


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