Extremely satisfied with my ultimate fake boobs

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Finally… silicone fake boobs that look as real as having real breasts!

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts. Whether you are a transvestite, a transgender person or a woman looking for larger breasts, there is finally a solution! Fake Breast is a range of ultra-realistic wearable breast prostheses available in several sizes and skin tones. I know you will be extremely satisfied with these ultimate real breast forms. The feel of silky, smooth panties and nylon pantyhose especially after shaving all body hair and legs, it’s an amazing feeling. Wearing a bra with breast forms and high heels and a wig! Wow! The feeling itself is thrilling.


These colors encompass most natural skin tones. Additionally, you can customize the color of the silicone to your skin using blushes and/or makeup powders or alcohol-based body inks. Do you have a particular size or color in mind? Would you like to customize your order for better crossdressing? I would be happy to help you. Not sure of your needs? Contact us now! We add freckles, veins, nipples and other subtleties, making it easier to look like real breasts. The crossdresser hips enhancements are also available.


These breast implant prosthesis products are remarkably realistic, especially once they absorb the wearer's body temperature. With these products it is possible to create illusions that were previously impossible, to experience fantasies that were previously inaccessible. If you want more stimulation, the crossdresser bodysuit with penetrable fake vagina will be a perfect option. Don't wear clothes that are meant for someone 20 years younger or that went out of style 20 years ago. You will have much more success transitioning as a woman if you shop at women's genetics. Follow us for useful information!


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