My own reason for crossdressing to female

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Every crossdresser has their own reason for dressing in women's clothing, so I can only answer my reasons for crossdressing personally. I love the way the soft, vibrant fabric feels against my skin and it's just plain comfortable. Women's clothing comes in so many different styles and so many brilliant colors that a woman has many combinations to choose from and, in a sense, this becomes an expression of individual artistic fashion tastes. So I really enjoy exploring the crossdresser shop online and offline. It is very unlikely that both women will be dressed exactly the same at a social event simply because of the limitless combinations that can be chosen. I know exactly why it takes a woman a long time to get dressed, because she will try many different combinations until she finds the one that suits her at the moment.


Why can men get dressed so quickly? We don't have a lot of choices, usually a nice pair of jeans and a solid colored shirt. I hope that one day all clothing will become gender neutral so that men can also choose from a wider variety of comforts, colors and styles and are allowed to show off their unique style. Why not wear a pair of fake boobs? I believe that for gender equality in beauty and fashion to become a reality, more women will need to not only accept the practice of men wearing more feminine clothing, but encourage them to do so.


For the most part, men won't do it openly, but if they have a female partner willing to share a sense of beauty and fashion with their man, I think many men would embrace and adopt without shame. Even for a realistic crossdresser bodysuit. Oops! I showed how society has shaped me when I used the phrase women's clothing for men a few sentences ago. Feminine and masculine need to be removed from our vocabulary so we can truly be gender neutral.


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