Disguising yourself as a woman with a dressing gown

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Have you ever caught someone else crossdressing or a crossdresser shop in secret? Yes...when I was around 25, my good friend and I loved herding and racing tracking dogs. We kept them in kennels in his mother's backyard because it was huge and they didn't mind. I would go in the evening to feed them and walk them as well as do any other work in the garden. My friend had a younger brother who was around 18 and we often teased him for being thin and a bit feminine, but only harmless fun. That day I went as usual around 8pm to feed the dogs and clean the kennels, I was almost done and it was just getting dark when the kitchen light came on and caught my attention, I walked over to the garden tap to fill the water bowls and peek into the kitchen.

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There was a pretty girl with her back to me dressed in a sexy satin French maid dress with white thigh high stockings, I stood still and watched as she modeled the sexy costume for herself, often running her hands over her body and over her ass and crossdresser hips enhancement. I started to get hard and was wondering who it could be when she turned towards the window and I noticed it was my friend's brother. I didn't know what to do at first because I was shocked and so I stopped completely so as not to be seen. I watched him go in and out of the kitchen modeling this sexy satin suit for about 10 minutes. He would lift the dress and look at himself in the sexiest pink satin panties, then smooth them out and walk again.


I approached the window. I will always remember the fear on his face when he realized he had been caught. I started walking towards the kennels when the back door opened and I heard my name called. When I got to the door he tried to hide behind it and said please don't tell anyone what I had just seen. I could tell he was scared and I felt a little sorry for him, don't worry I replied I won't tell anyone that I saw you dressed up and sexy as hell in your lady costume room, fake boobs and pretty pink panties, I promise. I then went to the kennel to finish.


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