Observe women to be a better crossdresser

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When you crossdress outside, in a mall or a store, observe how the women react, look or move their hands while talking. The way they dress for the season. It will help you not to watch a clown with too much makeup. Go out with this friend as often as possible. Try to get invited to her girl's parties. You can visit an online crossdresser shop to get a full range of equipment.


Shoes. Start with flat shoes. move into low heels. High levels can be very attractive and look sexy, but you need a lot of practice to get there.

Clothes. Wear dresses that are loose at the hips so that your squat bulge is not visible.

Later, you can learn to enter and register your masculinity.

It took me a long time to recognize that I was transvestite. I started with a fetish for panties. When I was in college, the mini-skirt was all the rage. Dropping a pencil in class was often rewarded with an involuntary upskirt sight of cute nylon panties. And as a teenager, I was fascinated by what was in those panties. Now I buy the crossdresser hips panties to fill out the hips. And I wear fishnet stockings to match better with dresses.

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For most of us, it's a curiosity hidden deep within us long before we even know it. I'm sure I'm not the first guy who, out of curiosity, and with nothing better to do, decided to put on a woman's panties and slip off, and from there he progressed to wearing all the women's clothes and silicone fake boobs I could get. hands on. For me, it is difficult to determine exactly how I became a transvestite, I only know that I did it, and I was happier because of it. It's just a natural part of who I am.


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