Fully crossdress for the first time in my life

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Finally, after years of sneaking around, wearing only scraps of clothing or makeup, after years of struggle (a whole different story) to disguise himself outside. I was there that day fully dressed with crossdresser bodysuit and all I had to do was look at myself in the mirror. There really was another time when I was more nervous than then I would slide my chair back and slowly get up to adjust to the heels of course I could feel my heart pounding and j must have taken a few deep breaths as I looked through the largest mirror I had in my apartment. I stood in front and although I saw myself in the small mirror while I was putting on my makeup and my wig, my knees weakened as I stood there and saw my reflection for the first time in my life fully dressed as a woman.


At first I started to adjust the wig, dress and other things. I pulled back and became instantly aroused both sexually and otherwise, so I did a few turns in my dress and fake boobs and to check everything. Finally as I turned around and saw myself again a complete feeling of joy and relief washed over me and I started to cry, I was really happy and as I saw improvements needed especially in the makeup areas, with a better wig it could be styled better, but none of that mattered at the time, looked and felt like I always had imagined and dreamed that I would have been a woman.


For me, there have been a few experiments like this that I could easily use to answer this question, but as I mentioned on another occasion, it's at the top of my list and every time I think about it, it reminds me of those times, I may wonder why I dressed as a woman with realistic silicone mask from crossdresser shop. The feelings I felt that day are probably the purest feelings I have ever felt, and this is one of the few times that I have cried tears of joy.


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