Wearing fake boobs throughout my daily life

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As for why I like crossdressing, I don't know. It feels good to wear skirts when it's hot. Pants can be boring and restrictive. I only wear it for parties, sexual occasions or at home. I haven't worn a skirt to the grocery store or anything like that yet, but I might if next summer is warmer than last. But I'm stressed about the risk of hate crimes so I don't feel comfortable going yet. I discover a lot of crossdressing items on a crossdresser shop and can’t wait to try them.


I like to wear nail polish sometimes. I like the ritual of its application. Choosing colors and rolling a joint before starting, so I don't have to ruin my new nails. It takes time, I really focus on doing it right, then let it dry while I smoke my joint. I have no problem wearing nail polish throughout my daily life with fake boobs. It no longer seems so strange to others. I automatically become 20% more feminine, in my movements and gestures the first days after applying the nail polish, because I pay close attention to my hands. I like this. This makes me want it.

 C杯长款 (2).jpg

I'm terrible at makeup, but I let others do it for me if they want. It's fascinating to see how a face can change, in the hands of an artist. I usually mess up very quickly, because I scratch my face or rub my eyes, but I can feel very glamorous for a few minutes. And maybe even long enough to take selfie on wearing the crossdresser bodysuit. I'm a little new to cross-dressing, but the feeling of putting on my wig and my favorite set of women's clothing really makes me want to explore so much more with cross-dressing.


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