Become emotionally strong enough to crossdress

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I am a man. I am very proud to be a man. I happen to love wearing what is considered by today's society, feminine clothing. I realize that I don't project the sexy look of a woman in the same outfit and I don't try to. A skirt provides comfort whether I'm moving or just sitting. As an older man, this comfort is much appreciated on a long car journey. I consider a dress to be much more feminine, so I don't own a dress but I have tried a few dresses with crossdresser hips and like with high heels strictly for fun at home.


I have to buy XL tops and size M-L skirts, so a dress doesn't quite fit me the way I want it anyway. This doesn't mean I judge someone who does it, just like I don't judge someone who cross-dresses in their own right. To me, a person should wear whatever makes them feel good, whether everyone thinks it suits them or not. I believe seeing a man wearing a skirt over the crossdresser bodysuit in public will be a common enough occurrence that it won't even be noticeable. For this to happen, more men need to venture out in skirts and do so with confidence and appropriate decorum.


In a perfect world, of course, I would go everywhere I can, but my women's outfit is usually reserved for leisure outings and I would usually go to malls to buy women's accessories such as bags, shoes for women, restaurants, etc. My love is silky, sexy lingerie. I usually wear panties, tights, a bra (with the silicone fake boobs), lace briefs or a camisole and lace briefs. I'm emotionally strong enough not to care what others think of me… it's my life, and I'll do with it as I please. When I go out dressed, more and more frequently…


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