My taste in crossdresser breast forms

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Do you like female clothing and crossdressing?

Well, I'll answer the easy part first. I like clothes. If it was my choice to crossdress, I would be into it and only have women's clothes. Right now, my wardrobe consists of about 60% women's clothing and about 40% men's. I have about 80% of women's shoes, heels, flats, sandals from an online crossdresser shop. This is all because my wife understands and knows what I like in women's clothing. My wife has been my inspilly one of these days.ration in the past as much as I like.We have exactly the same taste in style.


Now the hard part. I see quite a few here that easily give off that feminine look or at least that's what it seems. You, my friends, make me very jealous because of your abilities to do this. how you present yourself. My wife and I discussed my makeup and hair situation. She says I look too tough to wear makeup. I would like to try the crossdresser bodysuit with realistic silicone mask to save time. We haven't tried makeup yet, but we hope to one of these days. Wigs, you get what you pay for. We tried two which were a waste of time.


In a perfect world, of course, I would go everywhere I can, but my women's outfit is usually reserved for leisure outings and I would usually go to malls to buy women's accessories such as bags, shoes for women, restaurants, etc. , which I shared my story about my fake boobs purchasing experience in another article. So the real answer is sometimes a situation that makes me sad and depressed. Some people just can't grasp the feeling of being a man trapped in a woman's body.


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