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While shopping, some stores will allow you to use the changing rooms, others will not. Of course, you can always bring items to the men's locker room. I have trouble finding the right fit when shopping; no crossdresser bodysuit, and with some dresses it is difficult to determine where the breast prostheses will be and if they will be visible. Is the dress floor length and will it be floor length with heels on? Shopping as a woman is always easier to find the right outfit.


There is no wrong way to cross dress as long as you are having fun and being safe. There is no right or wrong way to start, just follow your interests (and your budget). Most stores these days have an online store as well, so you have tons of options even if you're too shy to go out now. Wherever you buy the fake boobs, be sure to familiarize yourself with the measurement chart in advance. In short you need to own it, be confident and not hide or lurk in corners. If you start skulking around trying to be invisible you’ll stand out more. I’m a very tall guy and that’s my biggest tell tail.


Shopping on a budget is more of an art than a science. Plus, a little luck doesn't hurt. There are a few rules to follow. For our community, the easiest shopping times of the year are right before Halloween and right before Christmas, at least for mental comfort. If you have fears, then try an online crossdresser shop. The typical transgender buyer of cross-dressing thinks the seller won't "suspect" it on Halloween, instead thinking that the buyer is buying for a costume party. What the clerk is probably thinking is “only three hours before I left work”. During the Christmas season, the transvestite will give the impression that he is shopping for his wife.

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