Get the courage to crossdress in public

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This is probably the most exciting time of my life for me, those few times when I was able to dress up completely and go out in public. The very picture on my profile is from one of those moments, the very first time I did it will always be the best night of my life when it comes to my transvestite life, I had always dressed and like so many others prayed and I dreamed of being a girl one day, but I never thought I would have the courage to become my feminine side. As I mentioned I would dress at home all the time before living on my own, I had to squeeze in wearing panties or nylons from a crossdresser shop under my clothes when I could, but I could never go up to it. At the end, which means putting on the dress, wig, makeup, etc.


So when I finally got my own place the world was mine (laughs) so to speak and from the first weekend I moved into my apartment and immediately went out and bought a bit. Nearly anything I could think of to finally look like a female. Over time I had a decent collection of outfits, fake boobs in silicone, shoes and wigs, but about a year had passed and I was still hiding my best side and only dressing on weekends. End in the privacy of my apartment.

抹胸 (2).jpg

So for reasons I can't explain, I decided there had to be more to getting dressed and being home alone, so I hopped onto my computer wearing the crossdresser bodysuit and I decided it was time to meet other people like me, and talk about a learning experience I learned. a lot from the moment I first said to a complete stranger "Hi, I'm Michele and I love to cross-dress", to the countless number of men who hit me before and especially after posting a pic of me dressed but again it's a whole different subject that I love to talk about.


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