My sister helps me crossdress as a woman

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I have always had a great relationship with my sister, we are friends and share everything. She knows I love crossdressers and when we were kids she used to help me dress like a girl and we did girl stuff. She kept her old clothes for me and even bought me some girls' things from crossdresser shop to dress up on. She invited me to her house for my 21st birthday, well a week before. She told me that she had had a wonderful surprise for me. I arrived and she took me to a living room. They painted my fingernails and toenails bright red with white polka dots.


I didn't know what was going on. When we got back to her house she told me we were going to a theme party. I was excited and wondered what character I was going to. My sister had bought everything I needed and had been planning this for weeks. She took me to the bedroom. The first articles where white laced ruffled panties and white laced bra… she even got me D cup fake boobs! I was delighted! I went to the bathroom and tried them on. Then comes the white garter belt and white opaque stockings. I felt so sexy and charming.


Then a red satin blouse with a white bow and a satin mini-skirt with white red and white polka dots. She got the micro mini skirt so people would see my ruffled white panties if I moved in a certain way. Then she pulls out those yellow heels, sexy 4 inch heels. I tried them on us just a little tight but I wore them. If I wear a pair of crossdresser hips for the padding, it will be better. I was so surprised and so happy. I looked at myself in a mirror and felt so much like a girl.


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