Great experience of crossdressing in store

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I often went out in my underwear with panties, bras, camisoles and tights to crossdress, but never wearing any female outerwear like a skirt, blouse or dress. However, I bought a dress and tried it on. I wore panties, a bra and tights under my male clothes when I tried on the dresses in the crossdresser shop. It was a great experience and I was treated well by the staff. They said they had more than a few transvestite male clients. Other than that, I do most of my clothes at home.


As soon as I come home from work. I slip into my blue denim skirt, blouse and black flats. I wear panties, tights and silicone fake boobs bra under my work clothes. I dress all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and yes I go out dressing as a woman. Sometimes it is difficult to see where the lines divide between male or female tissue. I can't really say that most of my wardrobe is unisex, but most of the time I like layering when I cross-dress.


I think almost all men like to see a woman in feminine attire. Sexy lingerie, heels, skirt and blouse or dress are much more becoming a woman than pants, jeans or leggings / jeggings with crossdresser hips. They show off shape and attract more attention than comfort jeans and a four-minute dress-up T-shirt. Women who dress take time and take pride in their appearance. I look at a dressed woman and wonder how she feels. I know the feel of the cotton I wear compared to the fingertip feel of a silky blouse, leather skirt and nylon coated legs… how do you feel wearing these items?


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