Being my self in crossdressing is a bliss

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It's complicated to crossdress. I like feminine clothes, I like to feel feminine in crossdresser bodysuit, but I'm not feminine at all. Even without my beard, my face would not be feminine at all. So yes I would like to look a little feminine but above all I just think that it's nice to wear pretty things and that it's unfair that men are criticized for that. I think everyone should be able to wear whatever they want without someone else making their life difficult.


And “when you crossdress with a pair of fake boobs in silicone” is also complicated because it sometimes happens outside, very discreetly and hoping that no one notices, and sometimes inside where no one else can see and sometimes online where all kinds of people can see but the only ones who watch are the ones who approve. What I wear and the reaction I expect depends on what “when” we are talking. Life was simpler when I wore jeans and pale blue shirts all the time, but much more boring.


Most of the time I got dressed in the privacy of my apartment, while I loved going out and the rush I felt in doing so, I more often than not miss the times when I could just throw on a pair of stockings or put on a cute dress up and just relax around my apartment with crossdresser hips. However, I underdress daily. Underneath my street clothes, it's always sexy lingerie from head to toe. I even slept in a nightgown and tights. I feel so sexy wearing women’s clothes and accessorizing myself with wigs and high heels. Being able to express myself as who I truly am is a bliss!

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