Crossdressing satisfies my feminine desires

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I like women's clothes, I want to crossdress and I want to feel feminine. Since my childhood, I have always wanted to be a girl. I've written other detailed posts about how, as an 8 year old boy, I always wanted a girls' leotard. Specifically a leotard for girls, not for a boy. Thinking about it now, I also wanted to wear pretty dresses. I wore my mom's one-piece swimsuit when I was a teenager and loved it, even though I really wanted to dress up as a cheerleader (and I do now with a crossdresser bodysuit!).


I suppressed these feelings until I started cross-dressing a few years ago. When I cross-dress, I try to look like a woman, and the more I look like a woman, the more I feel like a woman. I love it so much when I post a photo of myself and someone comments on how feminine/sexy I look, which makes me feel good about the fake boobs and makes me feel more like be a woman. Crossdressing satisfies my feminine desires, I haven't felt the need to transition even though I have my inner girl. If I could pass as a woman in public I would, but I don't think I can, so I keep it private.


I know that if I dressed as a woman in public (cute top and bra, skirt, crossdresser hips padding, pantyhose, and 3 inch heels), 99% of me would be fine, but that 1% would only tear out my soul. I've read other responses about bad experiences with crossdressing in public, I can't stand seeing this happen to me. I applaud anyone who is strong enough to dress up in public. So it's private for me and that's okay with me.


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