Crossdress in a casual but feminine way

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It's definitely a fantastic feeling to go out dressed as a woman. I have gone fake boobs shopping and trying on dresses with my daughter several times. At first it was difficult and I was very scared. Even now I start slowly, but after a while being in public in a skirt and top is no longer a problem. She and I went out to dinner and party together. I dress as a woman every day, my hair and makeup being perfect. I have never been mistaken for a man. My daughter is very open-minded and very complementary to my wardrobe.


It's amazing, but be careful, once you walk through that door to crossdressing, you'll want more, you'll keep doing it and pushing your own limits. It's so addictive that you won't be able to control it. If you have been thinking about going somewhere in the car with the idea of going to a crossdresser shop for example, get in your car, drive there, stop and get out immediately, if you sit and wait for the most timely, you'll be sitting there for hours, been there done that. I have to say yes because if I go a day or two without the urge starts overriding everything I do.


I went shopping at the nearest mall dressed in a casual but feminine way. I walked into a clothing store aimed at young women and was surprised that all the salespeople rushed to help me. There were four of them working. They first complimented my appearance and my crossdresser hips, then asked me what I was looking for. I told them I was going to a formal party, but I didn't want a formal dress. I ended up choosing a satin and lace dress with varying hemlines, and then they found me shoes that matched my size! They were excellent store employees.


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