Complete an outfit to create a more feminine silhouette

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When a man wants to try on women's clothing in a retail store or a crossdresser shop for crossdressing, without people viewing what he's doing as "creepy" or "wrong", it's a matter of attitude...confidence ...and make a first-class impression. Let me elaborate. Most guys don't have a clue how women buy clothes. There are a lot more things to buy for most women than there are for men when shopping for men's clothing. It gives me a buzz and have felt like that my entire crossdressing life! There is nothing like the feeling u get when u put on pantyhose and then the rest!


First of all, there are usually A LOT more options in women's clothing than in men's. This immediately makes a big difference. And women are buying sets, even if they're just looking for one piece of clothing to complete an outfit. Women's ensembles are generally much more elaborate than men's - many men throw on a T-shirt and jeans and call it a day. Many women, on the other hand, go to much greater lengths to look presentable in public. Therefore, you can wear the silicone fake boobs to create a more feminine silhouette.


Prepare a shopping list so you don't sit there not knowing what you're going to buy. You'll get much better assistance from sales staff if you have a plan when you arrive. If a man walks up to the women's clothing aisle and simply says, "I'd like to try on some clothes with crossdresser hips," that won't get you anywhere. The salesperson you speak to will naturally want to know what you have in mind. Are you looking for an off the shoulder top? A cashmere sweater? A jacket for a work environment? A pair of skinny jeans for women? Sports leggings? What are you looking to buy?


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