Try on female clothing to match the crossdresser bodysuit

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My husband has two ways to try on women's clothing for crossdressing or to match his crossdresser bodysuit. If he's out shopping with me, I go to the dressing room first and call him a minute or two later, as if I'm looking for his advice. While he's in there with me, he can try things. If he's shopping alone, he'll select 3-4 things he wants to try on, along with a male item of clothing, then go to the men's locker room and only try on what he wants. He only presents himself as a man outside our house, so for him using the women's rooms is not an option, and so far he has never been questioned by a store employee for having taken male and female clothing from the same room.


Seriously, my wardrobe is literally overflowing with clothes, and I've already had the experience of my wardrobe falling apart from too many clothes. Two big reasons, namely (1) I buy a lot of women's clothing and (2) I had to keep my dull men's clothes on top of my women's clothes. My wardrobe got a reprieve when I decided to put away my men's clothing, but has since returned to a state of disarray once I started wearing dresses and the crossdresser hips to work.


Just act like you don't care. be polite and pleasant. They are too well trained. Online stores are wonderful and understanding because they offer sizes that are more suitable for men. They're definitely used to guys looking for girls' clothes in there. If you are taller, like me, you can go to CrossdresserHouse. They have no problem with us using their product and service. The Series 8 fake boobs with cotton and airbag filler are awesome.


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