Indulge in putting on crossdressing items

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I have been crossdressing for almost 30 years. When I started, I didn't understand it and there were no resources then like there are today to help me understand it. So for years I felt guilty, but I couldn't stop. I never threw away all my clothes, but there were times when my clothing was limited. Then the urge to dress came back even stronger and I had to indulge in putting on sexy lingerie. Today there are many resources and online crossdresser shop to help you understand it and learn to be comfortable with yourself.


Accept that it is part of you and learn to deal with it. Use it for the pleasure it gives you, but use caution when necessary. I always like to wear sexy lingerie, fake boobs in multiple shapes and lace shorts are my favorites. This will never change and I'm okay with that. I think it's a good thing in life to be a crossdresser in life to show your pure feminine side it's not bad at all you should do what makes you feel good and comfortable in the life. Whether you’re male or female, you have your own set of tastes and desires for the apparel you like wearing. You have these abilities naturally as the individual you are.


Obtaining and maintaining a feminine look is expensive. Hair, makeup, and clothes are bad for my purse. Additionally, transvestites need additional assistance like breast implants, crossdresser hips, and specially sized shoes, which can be quite expensive. I have the chance to meet Modanie. it makes me feel feminine and pretty in my life i love it so much when i do it so do what you love to do and be you in life. To feel ultra feminine and sexy. To look sexy as hell.


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