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ALL! The way panties fit my ass, the way a bra and fake boobs press against my sensitive nipples and the straps that go over my shoulders, wearing a girly skirt or jeans is so much better than men . Hold your ass just right, without squatting. Cute and sexy shirts are also amazing. The spaghetti straps looo and feel amazing. Show off a little cleavage or at least give your chest some definition. Lingerie is absolutely amazing too, it's the ultimate way to feel sexy.


And I may not speak for everyone, but getting a real man's attention, having him place his hands all over you, telling you that you look so sexy and of course letting go and giving in to him by meeting his needs. I have read, with interest, various reasons why people think others cross-dress. A dress and a pair of crossdresser hips under the dress is charming. I also found it interesting to read why other crossdressers themselves think they crossdress. I have been cross-dressing full time, 24/7/365, since 2010.


For decades before, the desire to cross-dress was pervasive, and I would occasionally cross-dress at home with a limited number of clothes I had accumulated over the years. years. My first experience with cross-dressing took place when I was 16 years old. A girl who lived across the street invited me over one night, asked if I wanted to try something fun, then dressed me in some of her mother's clothes (which I liked ) . Enjoyable, especially for my age, and I was having a hard time finding clothes that fit me well or, at the least, had some style. I was already wearing the crossdreser bodysuit and a bikini bottom to the pool and beach.


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